Exelis Portfolio

Joining the Communications department of Exelis, then ITT Corporation, in early 2011, Bryan Conner has designed and managed an array of internal and external communications-related multimedia projects, processes, templates, and assets, working as the principle multimedia designer and brand expert at Exelis corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia;  including high-level interactive media projects, video production and animation design, graphic design, marketing collateral/branding, web properties, trade show support, and high-level briefings.

Click through the tabs below to view a sampling of Conner’s work with Exelis/ITT Corp

  • Exelis Action Corps – Launch Video
    Exelis Action Corps – Launch Video
    Exelis, Points of Light, and others launch the Community Blueprint – a national initiative to support the reintegration of returning military service members, veterans and their families. Producer/graphics support.
  • Exelis Leadership Forum Video
    Exelis Leadership Forum Video
    CEO Dave Melcher and ITT Exelis discuss the strategic advantages of how the spin-off of ITT Corporation will bode well for the company. Producer/graphics support.
  • Exelis Coin Project
    Exelis Coin Project
    Coin Design project for CEO/President’s, Spin and Divisions. Project manager and designer; minted by Inkwell.
  • Exelis Action Corps Interactive Pulse
    Exelis Action Corps Interactive Pulse
    On-Line interactive publication for the rollout of Exelis Action Corps. Project manager, created in conjunction with McDill design and Edelman.
  • Exelis Action Corps Logo
    Exelis Action Corps Logo
    Project manager/designer of Exelis Action Corps logo project, Exelis’ philanthropic volunteer service program.
  • Exelis App Graphics
    Exelis App Graphics
    Graphic creation and support for Exelis application graphics for: iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.
  • Exelis Banner Graphics
    Exelis Banner Graphics
    Project manager/designer for all HQ-related retractable banner graphics and display signage.
  • Exelis Vision & Values
    Exelis Vision & Values
    Project management of Exelis Vision & Values design efforts as a part of the ITT Spinoff of 2011.
  • Exelis Store
    Exelis Store
    Project manager of branding/creatives for the Exelis Store as part of the spin-off/rebrand efforts. Ensuring consistent branding and proper channeling of Exelis products and apparel.
  • Communications Recognition
    Communications Recognition
    Awarded ‘Outstanding Performance’ recognition from ITT Exelis Chief Communications Officer for work on company spin-off branding.
  • Exelis Social Rebrand
    Exelis Social Rebrand
    Rebrand of major social media platforms for Exelis HQ, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Exelis Capabilites Briefing
    Exelis Capabilites Briefing
    Creator and owner of Exelis Corporate Capabilities Briefing. Design, manage, upkeep and control the latest version of deck for distribution across multiple internal and external platforms.


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AUSA 2012

Exelis Site Photography

Leadership Forum 2012

 Exelis Action Corps

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In addition to his role as a Multimedia/Communications specialist and Exelis Brand Champion, Conner also directly supports CEO and Executive VP initiatives to employees and other stakeholders, including Strategy & Business Development, Government Relations, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, and Ethics & Compliance.

Some of Conner’s highlights with Exelis include:

• Designed, developed, and assisted in a wide array of brand identity properties, processes, templates and guidelines relating to corporate spin-off of ITT, and the later transition from ITT Exelis to Exelis, including: President/CEO and Division coins, company overview presentations, stationary, website, Vision & Values, HQ signage and template creation, certificates, daily/monthly publications, mobile app, social media properties, and other collateral.

• Taken over the reigns as the Exelis Brand Champion for visual brand expertise and the “go-to” visual solutions provider of Exelis. This includes maintaining the Exelis Brand Center, training division brand representatives and providing guidance for those seeking support, or having questions regarding our Exelis/EAC brand guidelines.

• Board of Directors/Leadership team photo shoot project manager, art/visual director. Led team of photographers and internal BoD reps to stage, produce and manage photo shoot for the Board and Exelis Leadership team to serve as the official photos for Exelis top-level leadership.

• Produced an array of video and animation pieces of CEO/HQ initiatives including: Exelis Vision & Values overview video, GVT strategy video/animation with CEO, and video piece for the initial roll-out for the inaugural ITT Exelis Leadership Forum with CEO and Division presidents.

• Led team of designers to produce the logo and branding identity of the Exelis Action Corps, a company-wide commitment to support our nation’s returning military service member, veterans and their families. Also as a part of the EAC roll-out, Conner led the project for the interactive EAC Pulse, and produced the Launch day video piece that included interviews with, among others, Gen. George Casey (Ret.), Former Army Chief of Staff, and Neil Bush, President and Chairman of the Points of Light organization.

Other projects include:


‘Exelis’ Rebrand from ITT Exelis:

  • Project manager and/or designer for the following rebrand-related projects and products:
  • HQ signage:
    • Retractable banner graphics
    • Wall mounted graphics
    • V&V Posters
  • Coins – HQ/CEO & Divisions
  • Rebrand of Exelis Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Exelis mobile app graphics
  • Email messaging templates/word docs
  • Leadership bios
  • Invites/Save-the-dates
  • Tip/tails video motion graphic
  • Exelis company overview graphics/branding
  • Graphics and visuals for phone/desktop backgrounds
  • Exelisinc.com home page and content page web graphics

Brand Champion/Guidance:

  • Taken over the reigns as the Exelis Brand Champion for visual brand expertise and the “go-to” visual solutions provider of Exelis. This includes maintaining the Exelis Brand Center, training division brand representatives and providing guidance for those seeking support, or having questions regarding our Exelis/EAC brand guidelines. Some of the guidance to date includes:
    • Management and overseer of Master version of Exelis and EAC brand and advertising guidelines
    • Principle contact and overseer of Exelis Online Brand Center
    • Conduct regular webinars to train 10-12 division brand masters to become the “go-to” source within their respective division
    • Exelis Annual Report
    • Exelis Code of Conduct
    • Exelis CR Report
    • Additional CEO/HQ assistance as requested
    • Divisional Assistance as requested

Photography Capture/Management:

  • • Board of Directors/Leadership Team Photo Shoot
    • Project Manager, Art/visual director. Led team of photographers and internal BoD reps to stage, produce and manage photo shoot for the Board and Exelis Leadership team to serve as the official photos for Exelis top-level leadership.
  • Manager of existing Exelis photo, image and graphics library to support internal/external functions as appropriate. Including:
    • Management of BoD/leadership team photos/bios
    • Vendor/publication support
    • Divisional support
    • Branding/logo requests, tailored formatting of assets, etc.
  • Exelis Events (Leadership Forum, Comms offsite, etc.)
  • Ad campaigns (AUSA)
  • Headshots (housing, assisting vendors, editing/touch-ups as necessary)
  • Continued production & management of Exelis site visit photography and video B-roll assets. These assets have served to populate both divisional and HQ related libraries for stock imagery and motion videos of Exelis products, capabilities, facilities, and employees. These assets have been implanted in to an array of internal/external collateral and media, including: corporate website, company overview, Corporate Responsibility report, company/EAC overview videos, data/product sheets, tradeshows, publication spotlights, etc.

Specific projects/sites as follows:

  • • Capture/edit/archived following sites:
    • Clifton, GS – GPS, Facilities, PR capture for individuals
    • Amityville, ES – Sensors, Pods, Jammers, NextGen, Facilities
    • Herndon, IS – ATM, ADS-B, NOC
    • Colombia, IS – Electronics, Digital
    • Chesapeake, ES – Sonar/Hull, Naval operations
    • Hagerstown, GS – Vigilant Stare/WAPS
    • Dulles, ES – Battlefield radio operations/components


  • Captured, produced, and edited with video/animation with CEO Dave Melcher to all employees on GVT messaging and company strategy
  • President/CEO NSS video – producer/editor for National Space Symposium website and promo materials. The making of this video spawned the creation of our in-house video shoot instruction/process guidelines
  • Video Producer/Art director for Corporate Responsibility Vision & Values video with President/CEO Dave Melcher
  • Video B-roll editing/management tailored for 3rd party requests (ensure proper formatting/codec, distribute accordingly), including:
    • CNBC Mad Money, Reuters TV, etc.
  • Owner of Exelis B-roll (ensure proper formatting/codec, distribute accordingly)
  • DVD construction/formatting of various Exelis properties as needed

Special Projects/Processes:

  • Tested, produced and implemented a new DSLR video production process for in-house visual & audio capture/editing/output for on-spot shooting. Documented the process and relayed information to proper division personnel for step-by-step instruction to complete an interview video from start to finish, including equipment needed, pricing options, and estimated timelines.
  • Additional created processes:
    • Created process for posting clips to website for daily clips/external linking as necessary
    • Created process for posting press release / home page banner graphics to Exelisinc.com

Exelis Website:

  • Australia page creation/implementation – Worked with team of division reps and content experts to house and facilitate content pages, collateral/releases, images and contacts for Australia-specific capabilities and products.
  • Continued management/creation/processing of press releases, home page banner, leadership/management page & bios.
  • Division page/area content updates as needed – management of internal IT teams as appropriate when back-end coding or global overhauls are needed.

Exelis Store:

  • Vendor manager for front-end site/branding; keeping products/solutions up-to-date, visually pleasing and fresh. Coordinator of on-site visits from vendor to discuss and engage appropriate HQ personnel on direction of online store activity.

Continued rebranding of second/third level Exelis properties:

  • Corporate jet – Airshow graphics
  • WAAS animation (GS)
  • CRUX graphics (GS)

Exelis Action Corps:

  • Served as lead project manager for new creation and implementation of the Exelis Action Corps brand. As part of the continued phasing of EAC brand, led a team of internal and external individuals to produce second and third level branding elements and guidelines concerning color/logo usage, typical usage in visual displays & templates, as well as implementation to the current broader Exelis brand center/brand guidelines.
  • Logo/Brand creation
  • Image/photography messaging
  • EAC infographic
  • Miscellaneous print/web collateral

Daily News Brief:

  • Daily clips production
  • Vendor manager for front/back-end properties, ensuring all things are running smooth, identifying problem areas, keeping sources up-to-date/informative and training of Meltwater system for full and part-time employees as necessary

Additional Projects:

  • 2013 Stratplan  – Graphic assistance to BusDev/Strategy team
  • Strategic Plan Summary infosheet/capabilities overview slides
  • Continued HQ-level support for an array of “one-off” items as requested from various internal departments, including:
    • Certificates, Presentation slides/graphics, invites, email templates, ads, All-Hands support, etc.
  • Continued building of knowledge and understanding regarding Company/divisional operations, capabilities and product lines through site visits, graphics support and daily news/press release activity.
  • Security shield logo/graphic (ESH)
  • The Power of you email headers/templates (HR)
  • IMR conference support – Invites, plaques, brochures (Int’l BD)
  • President/CEO internal and offsite invitations and web evites
  • AUSA: micro site, evite, station domination graphics/video support
  • Business Development/investor relations holiday e-card
  • Graphic support for HQ All Hands meetings



ITT General:

  • Organizational Charts (Comms/CR/HR/Exelis HQ etc…)
  • ITT Defense/Exelis Daily News Clips – Distro list management
  • ITT Defense Overview Briefing
  • Designed briefing for ITT Defense/Exelis pitch to Barack Obama President’s Council
  • President/CEO Defense Header/template for messages to employees
  • PAC contributions web implementation
  • HPA (CRUX) Infographic
  • Executive Photo Shoot organization/file handling and distribution
  • Anti-Corruption web headers
  • ITT Defense/Exelis rotating banner creation/management
  • ITT Defense/Exelis Webmaster properties (html/flash maintenance, general updates, charts, releases, videos, bios, etc.)
  • ITT Defense Intranet property management/maintenance
  • Various presentation/chart design and management for multiple departments/meetings/seminars/functions
  • Strategic Planning work with Strategy team
  • President/CEO certificate creation/management of employee files/photos
  • Site visits to W. Springfield/Ft. Wayne/Roanoke to connect with Defense/Exelis media operations teams
  • President/CEO ‘Save the Date’ cards/invites for various internal external functions (including Melcher picnic, Christmas functions, etc.)


  • WAAS video/animation creation/implementation for GS
  • PAC video embedding and management


  • PAS: (Microsite, business cards, evites, flash drives, banner graphics, convention center billboard, -booklet, briefing book, Pavillion Guide ad etc.)
  • AUSA: (Microsite, ads, evites, flash drives, business cards, picture frame graphics, banner graphics, event photography)
  • DSEI: (Microsite, business cards, banners, evites, flash drives)
  • Other graphics support: (IDEF, LAAD, NSS, Sea-Air-Space)


  • Inclusion & Diversity Defense Brochure
  • Spin Recruiting Brochure


  • Professional Development Forum
  • Diversity Ad
  • Scan Sponsorship
  • Heroes Sponsorship Ad
  • Army Sports Properties
  • AUSA 2011
  • PAS 2011
  • Centinnial Naval
  • OnPatrol 2011
  • USO 2011


  • Exelis coins/medallions (President’s V&V, plus 4 division coins)
  • Exelis Vision & Values (including posters, charts, slides, etc.)
  • Exelis stationary
  • Exelis corporate overview presentation
  • Exelis interactive brochure for website homepage
  • Exelis bios creation/conversion for web
  • Exelis Excellence in Action (posters, charts, etc.)
  • Exelis brand guidelines support/assets management
  • Exelis brand center support/asset mgt.
  • President/CEO message templates, department email templates (HR, Operations, CR, etc.), Short Report templates etc.
  • Metro station domination campaign signage/video support
  • Exelis certificate redesign
  • Exelis daily brief redesign
  • Exelis web master support/press release management/html technical support/banner design and management
  • Exelis Stock Exchange technical multimedia support
  • Exelis ppt template design (in conjunction w/McDill)
  • Exelis signage (HQ/division sites)
  • Exelis vertical banners (HQ, division sites)
  • Logo redesign/incorporation for interactive training module – ITT Environment, Safety, Health & Security
  • PAC brochure redesign
  • PAC one-sheet FAQ card

Exelis Ads:

  • Army Lacrosse
  • Diversity Careers update
  • Army/Navy football



  • Attendee and photographer for multiple EAC events supporting our veterans and establishing a link within the community to reach those in need of support
  • Attendee of HOW Design Conference 2011, Chicago, IL and 2012, Boston, MA. Seminars included: current web trends (Adobe), Cinema 4D, creative flow/processing, dynamic solutions for interactive design, typography, marketing analysis and design, etc.
  • Art installation for Smithsonian Folklife Festival, National Mall, Washington D.C.,  July 2012
  • Selected as one of 7 local artists for mural work in Washington D.C. Completed the largest mural project in the history of the program (short report spotlight)
  • Art instruction/seminar for disadvantaged children with Out Came the Sun, pediatric developmental services in Washington D.C.
  • Logo/brand work for Marcia’s Isle, Non-profit start-up for cancer patient assistance