Graphic Design, branding, typography etc.
Marketing collateral
  • Motion Design Reel_
    Motion Design Reel_
  • Motion Design Reel
    Motion Design Reel
    Working with video, 2D and 3D animation, layered graphics, green screen, and audio – using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color and Soundtrack Pro among others.
  • Exelis Action Corps – Launch Video
    Exelis Action Corps – Launch Video
    Exelis, Points of Light, and others launch the Community Blueprint – a national initiative to support the reintegration of returning military service members, veterans and their families. Producer/graphics support.
  • Exelis Leadership Forum Video
    Exelis Leadership Forum Video
    CEO Dave Melcher and ITT Exelis discuss the strategic advantages of how the spin-off of ITT Corporation will bode well for the company. Producer/graphics support.
  • Not Guilty 3D Animation
    Not Guilty 3D Animation
    Modeled in Maya 3d, along with cameras, lighting and animation. Further color and effects were added in After Effects. Producer/designer/editor.
  • Exelis Coin Project
    Exelis Coin Project
    Coin Design project for CEO/President’s, Spin and Divisions. Project manager and designer; minted by Inkwell.
  • Exelis Action Corps Interactive Pulse
    Exelis Action Corps Interactive Pulse
    On-Line interactive publication for the rollout of Exelis Action Corps. Project manager, created in conjunction with McDill design and Edelman.
  • Kramer Wedding Animation Piece
    Kramer Wedding Animation Piece
    In addition to corporate media and design, I specialize in wedding photography and videography…this piece put together in After Effects. Photographer/Videographer/Animator.
Website and app design
Miscellaneous Graphics