Graphic Design, branding, typography etc.
Marketing collateral
  • Art Night Motion Intro
    Art Night Motion Intro
    An example of start to finish production, beginning with the digital photograph, into Photoshop for layout, then finally into After Effects for animation.
  • 4-1 Nyte Credits
    4-1 Nyte Credits
    The final credits for a music video compiled by Simple Multimedia for M.C. Logic. Video shot on the Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX1, text in After Effects, final editing in Final Cut Pro.
  • Exelis Vision & Values
    Exelis Vision & Values
    Project management of Exelis Vision & Values design efforts as a part of the ITT Spinoff of 2011.
  • Exelis Store
    Exelis Store
    Project manager of branding/creatives for the Exelis Store as part of the spin-off/rebrand efforts. Ensuring consistent branding and proper channeling of Exelis products and apparel.
  • CHV Animated Presentation
    CHV Animated Presentation
    Animated presentation for Community Health Ventures, used as a television commercial spot and trade show video display piece. After Effects/Photoshop.
  • Derailed Design
    Derailed Design
    A piece based off of a tutorial, but it still took some good work to piece together and this particular effect is pretty impactful so I decided to include it here.
  • The Art of Work
    The Art of Work
    A promotional video piece for musical group Bop Alloy’s self titled debut album. Shot with Sony XDCAM EX PMW-EX1 with time lapse settings, further editing/time remapping with After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
  • Communications Recognition
    Communications Recognition
    Awarded ‘Outstanding Performance’ recognition from ITT Exelis Chief Communications Officer for work on company spin-off branding.
Website and app design
Miscellaneous Graphics